May 18, 2007

Cables and more cables.....and Stitches too!

I wanted to post the progress I am making on my Reverse Cable Afghan. It is a slow process because of the cables front and back. The number of stitches on needle seems endless too. I think it looks great so far. I have to say that I rip back any bob-boo I see so that adds to the time it is taking. I want it to be especially nice as it will be in the living room. This is a close up of the cables...I think they are going well and then next is a complete view of work so far.

It doesn't look like much but that is two weeks worth of on and off knitting there! I think it will be sometime next year when I am finished.....I hope! My daughter took the pics for me and she did a great job. She is very supportive of my knitting.

Hallelujah!!! My Stitches East Convention Catalog Came today. What a four day tour de force is in stall for us in October. Classes and shows, luncheons and dinners, plus the man himself Kaffe Fassett! Can you believe that. He will be there on Friday night and I will have a seat down front. I am registering for my classes tonight and booking a room. Hubby said he would come too! Doesn't get better than that. I can hardly wait. When Stitches was in Atlantic City I always went to the Market...but now I am going to be brave and register for classes and do workshops. I feel so nervous I hope I will be OK. I know I should go with other knitters...but no one I know that loves knitting as much as I do can hubby will have to do! I shouldn't worry, knitters are the nicest folks so I am sure I will make some new friends. If any one out there in Blog World is going let me know and we will meet up. It is October 11-14,2007 in Baltimore Convention Center. Here is the link if anyone is interested. It is a total blast. Where else will you rub elbows with some of the best designers giving classes and some of the best yarn all in one place. Some very serious knitting gets done there!


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Those cables are lovely! And, Tag, you're it! Visit my blog V for details.

Megan said...

Going to B-more, Mom? :) I'm sure you will have fun and Dad can see the baseball museum.