May 12, 2007

Some Blog thoughts......

I have been going through the different knitting rings I belong to and one thing has struck me-what an amazing array of talented women (and some men) are out their knitting. When I am at home knitting it makes me feel so much a part of that special group. I always criticize or find fault with my knitting-not the surface kind of bad mouthing hoping for a complement kind, but the deep down I know my knitting is amateur kind. Now however all these wonderful women have given me heart and I so enjoy my own knitting more than ever before. It may still be that lumpy bumpy where did that drop stitch go kind but it doesn't matter. I love it! I love sharing it with the few folks that visit my blog and my family that stops by for a peek. So to all you Bloggers out there a big thanks and a tip of my hat to you! (Knitted of course!)

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Amanda1 said...

What a nice post! I often feel the same way as I surf blogs at night. I see so many things that I aspire to knit!