April 01, 2007

To felt or not to felt......part deux

Well here it is! I took the photo and added it to my blog. I am so proud. Had help from the hubby..thank you dear! Didn't it come out so sweet. I smile every time I look at it. Very excited about felting. I know what every female on my Christmas list is getting this year. It was so much fun doing the felting, and so quick. This stuff shrinks up in just six minutes. And when I set it with cold water it shrunk just a little more. It is the Caron wool called: "Felt-it". Not too expensive and great results. Now I have two more skeins and I am starting my next bag. Pattern is on the web site Look under the product name for pattern. The flap doesn't felt at the same rate but I plan on adding embellishments. The pattern calls for beading if you like but I am thinking a button for weight to help keep flap in place. Just the right size for shopping or out on the town.
I haven't gotten to the dollar stores yet but plan to do so this week. I also added a web ring icon further down the page that will take you to other knitting blogs. Hope they are fun. Have a Happy Easter and will be back soon.....

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elan said...

It looks great, I love felting too, I've got a couple free felted purse patterns on my website.