March 28, 2007

to felt or not to felt......

I just finished a bag that needs to be felted. Something great better happen to this bag or else. It is so loose and useless that I expect a miracle. This is my first time felting and I have some trepidation. The only good thing is I didn't spend a fortune on the wool. If it comes out right it will be a cute bag for one daughter or the other. Tune is for further felting developments.

I just ordered Aran yarn from Blarney Woolen Mill in Blarney, Ireland. I was nervous, I haven't ordered anything from so far away before. I hope that all will arrive safely. I purchased some when I was over there but not enough to do an afghan. Time will tell.

Someone told me that you can buy overstocked yarn at the dollar stores. Whoopee...I am heading out to check the veracity of this statement. I sure will let you know if true and if any good. You never know were you might find something that speaks to you. Usually I find that most yarn fairly shouts at me! So off I go with ten dollars in hand to test this story out. Let you know.

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