March 21, 2007

Haven't written for awhile. Some knitting thoughts that have been tumbling around in my head. Why am I so addicted to knitting and what is it that makes my heart race when I enter a wool shop? Can I tell you of my disappointment when I don't buy new yarn. I have to police myself and scold, and say- ..."hey how about finishing that project you have going now, or the other one sitting in your knitting basket!".......It just isn't fair to be surrounded by people that don't understand the need to have yarn, to have stacks of it at home to choose from. And let's not forget the needles and all the little supplies that go with knitting. You can never have enough of them. I have decided that I must have straight and circular needles in all the right sizes. It seems that whenever I choose a pattern and select the yarn I never have the right needles. So, this buy-a-thon must be done in order to always be able to start a project when I want, and not at the whim of the "you don't have that needle" fairy. What a pain she is. Probably not a knitter. She probably crochets or quilts. Hmm.....

Right now I am working on a baby wrap sweater and some cute bibs for my new niece, Katherine. She is a peach. The great book Mason-Dixon Knitting has the swell patterns, good directions and fun stories.

I have pretty much given up reading novels and exclusively read knitting books. You would be surprised how interesting they are to read. Especially The Knit Lit series of books. Good short stories from all different contributors
that are pulled together by the editor. Very easy to read. Books on knitting are good not just for the patterns but all the info they include. I have learned many handy tricks from reading pattern books. Finishing up now and hope someday to start adding pictures. I just need a little more time to figure it out. But then I would probably use the time to knit!

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