March 08, 2007

Sometimes I feel that for all the years I have been knitting I never seem to get any better. I was so bummed when my Knit Picks catalog arrived this week. In it they have examples of items knitted with a yarn that I had so much trouble with. Why is their example so smooth over the stocking stitch. Mine looks wavy and bumpy. I know it is my tension but just knowing doesn't help. Why can I never improve my tension. I just am so down about this. I guess I have to avoid swaths of stocking stitch and stick to patterns. Oh well, I have to remind myself again that it is the knitting process I love and not always the outcome.

A friend is making a sweater for herself and she too is so disappointed in the way it is coming out. She has made other items that are very good. I guess everyone has their Waterloo. There is one knitter I know, I see her occasionally, she knits primarily for herself. Her finished products are breathtaking. The type of stuff you see in magazines that models wear. She is truly gifted. Very modest about her talent and very supportive of other knitters. Knitting folks are the best! Maybe someday I will feel better about my knitting. I need to apply myself and concentrate on my knitting and not always watch TV while I knit. To me the two go together but I think in order to improve I need to focus on the one and leave the other for scarves and hats and things I can do easily. Then start a project that is challenging and leave it for when I can strictly work on it. Off to work so this is short. Keep knitting and may you yarn never tangle!

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