April 04, 2007

On the needles...

This is the afghan I am working on. I bought the yarn while in Ireland and I just ordered more..As I worked this pattern (reverse cable stitch that shows well on both sides) I realized I needed more. Blarney Woolen Mills are the nicest people and they took care of my order via email. I am waiting for my delivery. I have about 12 50 grams balls here at home and I ordered 20 more. I got the wool plus shipping for $41.00. Not bad, and this is made from sheep from the Isle of Inishmore. You can't get more romantic than that! There are sheep everywhere in Ireland and while we were visiting Skellig Rock there were very craggy hills with sheep grazing some distance from a farm. As we stood on the rocks looking over at Skellig we could hear a bleating noise. Well sure enough there was a fluffy little sheep all by himself stuck on an outcrop of rock. Our guide said ....."not a problem I'll go tell the people at the office and they will call the owner".
Talk about a small island! So wonderful. And I was sooo gullible, every time I saw sheep with different colored paints on their rumps I wondered what for. Finally I asked our guide and he said .."well they mark the females like that when they are mated and the ones with multiple marks they are the slags!" He finally told me that the different colored marks stand for different vaccinations they've had. My lesson in Irish humor.


Amanda1 said...

Wow, your post really takes me back. I went to Ireland in 1997 and went to the Blarney Woolen Mills while I was there. Unfortunately I was not a knitter then, so instead of going to the store (which most of the group did), I hiked to the castle in the rain and kissed the Blarney stone. Don't regret that, just wish I had been able to take advantage of that yarn opportunity!

Canuckknits said...

Hi Donna!
You checked out my blog the other day! Thanks!!!
I LOVE the 2 pics you have on your site!! Have you checked out Yarnware in NJ?? Take Care,

Susan said...

That afghan looks beautiful, my mother is working on one that looks similar. Where did you get your pattern?

trevchris said...

That afghan looks so cosy!