April 17, 2007

No pictures today. I am working on a little hat with some fine gauge sock yarn that I purchased some time ago from a booth at the Stitches Convention..... Very pastel colors and I think I have enough to make small socks. It is a hand dyed yarn that caught my eye. The hat pattern came from the same booth. I really missed Stitches this year. Maybe next year I will go to Baltimore to visit it.

Had my knitting group on Monday and it was a quiet group. We are all so shocked and saddened over what happened at Virginia Tech. It was a comfort to be together.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to write about . It seems as though I have told all I think about knitting. But today I want to write about how vulnerable I feel without it. It makes everything feel normal and right in my world. It is me. Last night I was without a project that I wanted to work on. Sure I had several going but nothing I wanted to work on. So I went through part of my stash and through all the boxes that contain my needle collection. I put all the needles in their right pouches and threw out all those little scraps of yarn I hang onto at the end of a project. Not enough to make a ball, just little snips here and there. Out they went. I cleaned out my knitting basket beside my chair and then began the little hat project. It was about 11:00PM and I finally started to knit. I worked for about an hour and then was too tired to continue. But now I feel organized and in control again. My stash and needles are in great shape! Ah well that is it for today.


Amanda1 said...

Donna, I often feel the same way. Somehow, though, we always find plenty to say once we get going!

At least all your stuff is organized now. I posted a couple links to some nice patterns on my blog, if you're looking for something easy and rewarding.

Cactusneedles said...

Sometimes that little bit of cleaning your stuff out also cleans out your head, so to speak. The pedicure socks are also easy and fast (the link in on my blog).

katomliz said...

Getting everything all under control always makes me feel better. Knitting can cause more clutter if you are not on top of it which lately I am not.
yes ..those poor families and friends of the students- so heartbreaking.

Evelyn said...

Thanks for the comment on my Lost the Thread blog. I am using 2 circulars in my first attempt at socks. I have madde 2 pairs of mittens this way and find it quite simple. We'll see what I say when it comes to turning the heel, which is all new. But so far, so good.