April 21, 2007

Sweet Baby Hat......

I am working on this sweet baby hat from a pattern I purchased at the Stitches Convention. I bought the yarn from Tess's Yarns. It is hand dyed merino and the softest yarn ever. It is strong too because it is a sock yarn. I know it is strong because I have started this pattern five or six times and couldn't figure out the pattern. (duh!) So I emailed Tess's Yarns and they put me in touch with the pattern designer whose name is Sue. What an angel. She emailed me three time to answer my questions and I was so thrilled. Now I am off and running with it thanks to her. I will be sure to buy more of her great patterns in the future. You can find them at www. and I recommend the yarn and patterns to anyone who loves hand dyed yarn and unique patterns. They are nice people to work with. I am not very far in this picture so I will post an update later this week.

I have been checking out other blogs and they are fun to read. I hope that I can be as entertaining. I notice some use their blog to vent but I like to keep mine upbeat. My daughter told me it sounded too down last happy, happy, happy for Katie to read! My other daughter Megan has some friends that read this too so hi to Rachel and Lauren too. Let me know how your projects are going.

I have a lovely Golden Retriever called Oliver and he is really a cat in disguise. He loves my balls of yarn and tries to steal them at every opportunity. He runs around with them in his mouth and then unwinds the yarn everywhere. If I leave a project down he scoops it up and off he goes. He looks very sheepish and contrite when I take the stuff away from him, but none the less he is right back at my basket sniffing for something new. I will include some pics of him too.

A yarn shop near me is closing (sigh). Hopefully someone will buy it. But in the meantime big sales of 40-60% off luscious yarn and supplies. I hope to get over and take advantage of the sales soon. The owner said it will take awhile to sell all her supply of yarn. I hope so. What a dream to own a yarn shop. Knitting as a job. Sounds too good to be true.

Speaking of owning a knitting shop I just finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. I use finished in the wrong sense. I should say stopped reading it. Apart from the disjointed plot line and the confusing thoughts in some paragraphs I was disappointed in the plot device for the main character. Right at the end the character gets ill and has to overcome one more obstacle. Isn't life tough enough. I don't want to read about it in a book about a knitting shop. Stick to Debbie Macombre's books for more relaxing reading about the knitting shop genre. I just didn't care enough to finish it. I heard Julia Roberts has bought this property and his filming it. Make a note to miss that movie.

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Amanda1 said...

Glad to see you're back - I enjoy your blog!