February 13, 2007

Talking about Donkey Ears

Someone asked what donkey ears are on knitted socks.....well it is what happens when you finish the toe with a stitch call Kitchener. It is an in and out weaving process that finishes the sock at the toe. Well no matter how many times I do it I wind up with two lumpy ends and they stick up like "ears"...hence "donkey ears".

So what you may say. Well they make for uncomfortable wearing. After all the hard work of knitting them you want someone to wear them and say "Wow"! not "ouch"!
Back to the drawing board and will try it one more time with the next sock.

Just finished the softest mohair hat for my daughter and putting in the mail to her. Nothing complicated just cast on 80 stitches and knit round and round on circulars and watch the end curl up for the brim and decrease at the top and weave in the end like a drawstring. The mohair was something I picked up at the Stitches convention in 2005 from a booth call the "Three Yarn Faeries" . They had some wonderful yarns and patterns. I sure am bummed that they moved the Stitches convention from Atlantic City to Baltimore. I didn't go this year, maybe next year. I missed seeing all the great yarns and ideas that people come up with. I remember at the last Stitches in AC a gal was walking around knitting socks in a entrelac pattern and not even looking. So amazing.

Onto the next project and I will figure out how to do pictures to show the work. I am using an Aran yarn that I bought in Ireland at the Blarney Woolen Mills and it is a dream to work with. I am finally making an afghan for my living room. Yeah! (that is the woolen mill up top)

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