February 12, 2007

Just finished my second pair of knitted socks. I swore that I would never make socks from the cuff down again, but I did anyway. Of course I created "donkey ears" again on the first sock doing the Kitchener's Stitch to finish the toe. I am so annoyed! I followed a tutorial online and still the same results. I need to find a good toe up pattern so that never happens again. I have some really great sock yarn from Knit Picks catalog and I want them to look just right.

Well I did this pair on circular needles and liked it much better than on four or five double points. But still have the "ears". Oh well the good thing about knitting socks is that you get another chance right away to try again.

This is a new blog so I need to find out how to scan in pictures. Will do soon as hubby returns from trip. For now I needed to vent about my "donkey ears".

I used the beginner pattern in Cat Bordi's book "Socks soar on Circular Needles". Well worth buying if you like to knit socks.


Megan said...

Hi! This is very exciting. :) What are Donkey Ears??

Angela said...

Hi Mrs. Powers!

Megan emailed us all saying that you are cooler than her... because of your Blog!

If I still lived on the East Coast, I'd ask you to teach me the knitting basics, as I've never had the joy of learning.

Make Meg some of those socks. :)