February 17, 2007

After the storm

Well, I have been away for a few days due to lack of power. Here in the Northeast we were hit with a tremendous ice storm. A neighbor's tree fell down and it pulled out the phone and cable wires outside our home. computer and then our whole town lost power. Two days and no heat..brrr...we were freezing. I could see my breath in the house never mind outside. Our cars were covered with ice and we had the fireplace going nonstop. We finally couldn't take it anymore so us plus the two Golden Retrievers headed out to a hotel. We finally got our power back today. Wow, you just don't realize how much we depend on the electricity. All I could think of was how did people do this 200 hundred years ago. I give the previous generations lots of credit. All through this whole ordeal my better half was in sunny Florida visiting family. How about that! One thing though, knitting by candle light and firelight was a blast. It really brought home to me how ancient this craft is. With just needles and yarn I could fashion clothes to keep us warm and keep myself entertained at the same time. Purposeful and creative at the same time. Amazing huh! I am working on another mohair hat for same daughter. Will mail both together. Two in different colors....makes for a nice choice on cold winter days. The mohair tickles my nose but looks so yummy that it is worth it.

I belong to a local knit group so want to start next sock to bring along to work on. I will keep my fingers crossed that I can graft the toe successfully on this one. Will soon learn to add real pictures when hubby is back from trip. I can't wait, this is so much fun. I will keep personal stuff to a minimum and talk more shop in future.

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