February 18, 2007

Quiet afternoon

Today was a very quiet day and just did some knitting. Still working on second sock and will try to be more focused tomorrow. I enjoy the ribbing pattern which is knit 2 purl 2, makes for a very elastic cuff. I think I will stick to knitting socks on circular needles. Much more logical and visually allows you to see how the sock is progressing and you can try it on for size too. That is important for me because I tend to knit by the seat of my pants. I am not a fan of counting rows. I would much rather measure the length of something than keep track of rows. The same for making a swatch. Everyone I know that knits never does a swatch but instead starts the project and adjusts accordingly. So far this has worked for me. It seems too much like work to do swatches and measuring. I like my knitting to flow and take on it's own life. I hate when instructions caution you to swatch. It is the first thing I DON'T DO! I want my knitting to be my creation and not what someone instructs in a pattern. I regard patterns as a jumping off point. I once read a story about how you can tell knitters apart. You are stranded on a desert isle and your knitting survives with you. The project is for a sweater. Would you finish the project and wear it or, once your finished, rip it out to knit again. Well I am the second kind of knitter. I would rip it out and knit again. I knit for the pleasure of knitting and if while doing that I make something that will make another person happy- great. If not I just keep it and start something new.

Just wanted to throw in the title of a great book I've just read. The glass castle by Jeannette Walls. Try it and see what you think. Very readable and quite an eye opener.

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Rachel said...

Hi! I love reading your blog, and M's hats are adorable. I feel the same way about patterns (recipes too), and am constantly made fun of for it! I never follow a pattern exactly, I have to add my own touch and/or mix with multiple other patterns for exactly what I want. I NEVER do a swatch either, and I've always felt guilty about it! No more :)