September 02, 2009

Knitting and organizing

Today I have been updating all my email accounts as we have changed to Fios. So far we like it and I enjoy having the DVR feature.
My middle daughter is moving to Washington D.C. on Friday for her new job. Another little chick is leaving the nest. My son went back to college, and my oldest is contemplating a move to California. To sooth my jangled nerves and distract my sad thoughts I will turn the spare room into a little knitter's haven for myself. I will include some pics as I progress. I will start this Labor Day weekend and see how far I get. I have an extensive collection of knitting books and my stash is in several places around the house-so I need to incorporate it and move everything to one place. I hope this will distract me. I am so thrilled for all of them and proud of them-but I miss my little munchkins from so long ago. Ah well- time marches on and I still have Oliver-that big bundle of warm brown fluff and wet nose. Everyone have a great day and keep on knitting.

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Sue said...

Can't wait to see your knitting room. What luxury.