July 10, 2007

Wow so long since my last post. No excuse except to say that I always like to post new pictures and I hadn't taken any. I have a new cell phone with camera now and I am snapping pics left and right. I also discovered how to send them to my email and then post them. Hang in there with me I am not the most computer literate person and I just kind of muddle along and try to figure out things for myself. These pictures look like my dog took them. I hope to get a digital camera of my own (hubby is a little careful with his as he uses it for work) soon and then I won't have to use such a round about way.

I hope everyone is well and able to knit even in this hot weather. I am still trucking along on my same projects as before. I must finish them all and not start any new ones. I put their pictures in the previous posting , so that is what I am working on. But the big news is that my DVD's and new knitting book have come . I am so excited. I started with "The best way to knit" and next I will check out knitting two socks at the same time on circular needles. I hope this will get me over the "boy I don't want to knit another sock" hump. I hope!

The fist DVD was a lot of fun and I taught myself to knit the continental style. It is great for knitting but still a little clumsy for purling. I might just stick with the way I do it, which is to throw the yarn with my left hand. I have been happy with that way for along time. My book has some beautiful lace patterns and I can't wait to start on. So, that has been what has been happening around here. Except that I will be celebrating my birthday soon and my sister gave a party for me and my family. We all had a wonderful time and the dinner she cooked was superb. London broil and Shrimp Scampi. Yum Yum!! She is the best....hugs and kisses to you sweetie. The one picture is of her gift to me: A gift certificate to Jo'Ann's Fabrics and a gift bag full of yarn and needles. What a girl...she sure knows me! Stay cool and keep knittin' kittens!


NH Knitting Mama said...

You have some great swag there!

Glad to hear that you are well and doing some knitting. The weather across the country has been oppressive.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I'm at work and should be working, but I am browsing your blog (my first visit) after I saw a link to your contest on Mary's blog. I have to giggle at your statement, the pictures looked like your dog took them! That was funny. :-)