June 25, 2007

Finally caught up on my knitting and blog.....

Click on pic's for closer view.

Hello, it is good to be back blogging along. I have been away and I won't say busy but rather not in a blogging mood. I have been working on some knitting but have a sore upper left arm so working very slow. The first picture is a sweater vest for my hubby. I am doing a run through with inexpensive worsted weight Lion Brand and if all goes well I will order a cashmere that knit picks has in worsted weight. I didn't want to order the yarn and then not have it work out or fit right. A very simple pattern from the book "Sweaters for Men". I have changed the collar a bit but I think it will look good. Just have the back almost done. Then I switched off to the Hand Towel I have been fooling with for awhile. It is a very picky sort of pattern and I only do it when I can keep close track of the stitches. I did it it in some left over Super Swish yarn from knit picks and if I really like it I am going to do it in linen yarn. (Picture dosen't do the pattern justice. It is little squares set off with purl stitches.) I kind of like the bright pink color. And last I have been fooling around with this little lace dress for my niece. But I might not give it to her. Her mom is not a knitter and never says thank you for anything I have made her. From hats, to booties , to sweaters and blankets. She looks at the gift and says ohhhh. Yep, thats all. Now I know I am not a world class knitter but come on...many people have oohed and ahhhed my baby stuff. Not her just ...ohhh! So I might finish this little dress and put it away for some other little girl. It is a sweet sun dress. I bought the yarn at Joann's Fabric Store. It was made especially for them and it had a Leisure Arts Pattern to go with the yarn. Very nice and once I figured out the repeat pattern not too bad. So that is pretty much what I have been up to with knitting. I know you must think that is small minded not to give the dress to the baby, but honestly I have given her at least 10 diffrent items and I never see them on my neice. So what do you think....give the gift and stop looking for thanks from the mom or just make the goodies for others that respect the work and can value you time and effort. I admit it does sound mean spirited when I write it down. But tell me what you think. I will more than likely give it to her I guess, but I am curious what you think about this subject. Should our gifts be given to the people who love them or just share your gift of knitting and hope for the best?

On another note my last little one just graduated from high school! (5'10'' and 150 lbs). The ceremony was lovely and we had a great party with family and friends after. I always sweat the food worried that I won't have enough and as per usual had tons left over. We ate it for about three days after. We were sick of it except for the chocolate mousse cake with raspberry mousse filling. YUM! I have to sort through the pics and I hope to post some. So now we start the rat race for getting ready to leave for college. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. With lists and phone calls to school, doctor's office and financial aid. Phew! It is like a merry-go-round. But this is the last time so it it is bitter sweet. I am trying to focus on the fun and not worry about the small details...they have a way of working out. We are so proud of our son...he will be starting at Catholic University in September and is very excited. My younger daughter is going to be a senior there and my oldest daughter is a graduate of Dickinson College in Pa. and has her Masters in Music Marketing from NYU. We are so proud of them all. Enough acting like a mom. Suffice to say we love them all very much!

I have been busy keeping up a blog for our library and it is a little different than this one. I try to keep out personal items and list events and what is coming into the library and what new web sights help our patrons. It has been fun. Every time I see a higher number on the stats counter I am happy. Well that is all for now and I hope everyone is well and knitting along. See you again soon.


Cactusneedles said...

I agree with you on the things you give your neice, maybe you should wait until she's a little older (dressing herself more) until you give her something else knitted (or stick to hats and such). Anyways, congrats on getting the last one out of high school, a feat in and amongst itself. Have a great one:)

NH Knitting Mama said...

Glad to see you're back! I figured you've been busy with life and such. You certainly have some great things otn's!

Megan said...

Hey Mom! Everything looks very nice. Love the counter. :)

Deb said...

My DIL is the same way about quilts. She always tells me she has enough "blankets". But I still make them quilts, and enjoy doing so. It will probably be the same with my knitting.

Am interested in your library blog. Do you have a website?