February 25, 2007

Knitting with some thoughts on travel.

Ah well not too much knitting today. Just plugging along on my socks. I seem to have lost my inspiration. This happens every so often when I am in between projects. I need a reason to knit something...such as a gift or something someone needs. Like the hats for my daughter. She asked and it was fun to just whip them up. Also the mohair was fun to work with. My other daughter made it to Scotland safely and says how beautiful it is. She is there till Thursday then on to Dublin till Sunday. I hope she is reveling in every experience. My best memories are places I have traveled and the pictures they left in my memory. I would love to get into a wool shop in Britain. It seems like the quintessential British thing to do. Go to your local shop pick out a pattern and knit a beautiful matinée jacket for some lucky baby. Unfortunately my idea of the British Isle is based on some very old books written by Dora Saint. They are set in fictional villages and tell all about the many lives in them. I am enamored of them and reread them often. They are simple and charming and tell of a far away time never to be seen again. Oh well, maybe when I get to the Cots wolds in England I will find that yarn shoppe and still make that little jacket.
I have found a wonderful store in Vermont. Rutland to be exact. It is called Lamb's Yarn Shop. It is situated in the owners home on a quiet street in the outskirts of town. I go whenever we are in Vermont and just walk around and buy needles and yarn. The owner is older, but for all that it is were I first found sock yarn that knitted up into a fair isle pattern and some great stripes without changing yarn. That was 2 or 3 years before it really caught on in all the yarn shops. She is very progressive. I love that store. I hope to get back up there soon. Traveling is on my mind it seems instead of knitting......

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