October 10, 2011

Well I have spent some time checking out my old friends. I have been so busy. Both daughters are getting married this year. My oldest was married on September 10th and my next wedding in December 31st. Much work and many tears have gone into this year. I hope to come back to blogging in the future. Stay well all my blog pals and keep on knitting.

September 17, 2009

I have been busy working on my Christmas afghan for the living room. I felt like crocheting so I have made it out of granny squares. When it is finished I will post picture. So far it is a work in progress. I am knitting heavy weight socks for hubby in a lovely tweedy green and have purchased the items needed to try out knitting two socks at the same time on two circular needles. Found a good book on the subject and will try out within the next week or so. I want to get the other socks off of the many double pointed needles I use now.

I am also knitting a lovely baby sweater for my physical therapist who is expecting in January. It is in white, Softy Baby by Red Heart Yarn and is a pattern from Easy Baby Knits. So far I love it.

September 02, 2009

Knitting and organizing

Today I have been updating all my email accounts as we have changed to Fios. So far we like it and I enjoy having the DVR feature.
My middle daughter is moving to Washington D.C. on Friday for her new job. Another little chick is leaving the nest. My son went back to college, and my oldest is contemplating a move to California. To sooth my jangled nerves and distract my sad thoughts I will turn the spare room into a little knitter's haven for myself. I will include some pics as I progress. I will start this Labor Day weekend and see how far I get. I have an extensive collection of knitting books and my stash is in several places around the house-so I need to incorporate it and move everything to one place. I hope this will distract me. I am so thrilled for all of them and proud of them-but I miss my little munchkins from so long ago. Ah well- time marches on and I still have Oliver-that big bundle of warm brown fluff and wet nose. Everyone have a great day and keep on knitting.

September 01, 2009

Newest book purchase-Love it! Many helpful tips and techniques.

New Knees and a few stitches at last

Have been very busy girl! I had surgery in June and now I have two new knees. It was an ordeal but the worst is over now. If you can believe it I was home for two months and didn't knit a stitch. I laid around like a lump and went to my physical therepy sessions three times a week. I don't recomend this surgery for the faint of heart! However, I can now walk wherever I like and not have any pain. So in the end it was worth it. I am glad that I did both at the same time as I would not want to go back for another. I hope that everyone is well and knitting up a storm. Now that I am back to work I have been working on some baby items and trying to finish a reversible cable throw. Hi Ho-back to work now and then home to cook dinner-maybe I'll get a few stiches in tonight.

April 14, 2009

New post for old friends

Hello to all my old friends online. I have not been blogging for lack of time. I have been knitting, working, taking care of family stuff and basically just living. I hope everyone in well and I am sending a woof from Oliver to all his doggy pals out in blog land. Miss you all and hope to return someday.

September 20, 2008

A little house cleaning.......

I have been fooling around with pictures and colors for my blog and I think I like what I have so far. It seems pleasant and not to busy. I hope you enjoy it too.

I have been listening (and watching) videos on you tube too. I am enchanted by the old movie clips and and songs. I wish I had stumbled onto it sooner.....all my old favorites. I though I was the only one around that loved the music and movies from the 30's & 40's. Not true. There are thousands of us out there! I know some folks like to watch old movies occasionally, but I watch almost every day. I never watch regular TV programs. I am always watching TCM or else watching my own DVD collection as I knit in the evenings. Now I can check you tube for more favorites too. What a great time we live in. You can watch whatever you like from the past right now on technology from the future. Isn't it amazing. I think I like that long ago time so much because I spent so many happy afternoons after school watching the Million Dollar Movie and doing my homework while my mom got dinner ready. Then in the summer I would watch the Late Show and even the Late, Late Show with my mom or sister. Those were happy days indeed....long ago and far away.......

I have been busy finishing projects. I just need to finish up the toes on these two pair of socks and they will be finished. I gave the pedicure socks to my daughter and she loved them. Not a great picture but I am using my cell phone and sending to my email. I find this much faster than fooling around with the digital camera and hooking it up to the computer and all that jazz. So if the pictures are not the best please excuse them.

I am just about done with the stole. I love the pattern and the warm color. I have one more skein of yarn left and then I will be done. I have enjoyed this easy intro into lace knitting.

Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy this heavenly weather we have been having. 70's during the day, sunshine, blue skies, and in the 50's at night with stars in the sky. I could stand this all year long.

September 13, 2008

I have been having fun......

I really have been enjoying the new slide show feature that blog spot has now. I have added it to my blog and also to the blog I write for work. You need a account at one of the free online photo sites and it imports your pictures right from there like magic. It is great. I also have been looking for music for my blog again as the server I used before went off line. i have found one and will be adding it soon. The Internet is truly amazing. So many people out there doing so many different thing.

This is my newest knitting book purchase. There is a project for every month of the year. It has some great patterns and much inspiration. Oh, I just remembered that way back in January I was trying to knit a project a month to put away for Christmas gifts ( did I just mention that word??). Well, needless to say that never happened so maybe this new book will help me keep that dream alive for 2009! I will now make a pledge to myself- I WILL NOT plan on making knitted items for anyone for a Christmas gift. If by chance something works out that way-then so be it. But I will not be knitting like crazy on Christmas Eve to finish a gift for anyone.

I have taught another young girl to knit over the last two weeks and the enthusiasim of this 7 year old is contagious. She is so excited that she knits in the car and in bed with a flash light! How great is that to have so much love for knitting that you will do it under the covers by flashlight? Right now she has a most beautiful scarf in garter stitch with holes and dropped stitches and it is lovely. I love teaching young children to knit and knowing that they will have something that will give them pleasure for years. I am off to knit and then knit some more on my lace stole. Have a great weekend and see aroung the blog soon.