September 01, 2009

New Knees and a few stitches at last

Have been very busy girl! I had surgery in June and now I have two new knees. It was an ordeal but the worst is over now. If you can believe it I was home for two months and didn't knit a stitch. I laid around like a lump and went to my physical therepy sessions three times a week. I don't recomend this surgery for the faint of heart! However, I can now walk wherever I like and not have any pain. So in the end it was worth it. I am glad that I did both at the same time as I would not want to go back for another. I hope that everyone is well and knitting up a storm. Now that I am back to work I have been working on some baby items and trying to finish a reversible cable throw. Hi Ho-back to work now and then home to cook dinner-maybe I'll get a few stiches in tonight.


Cindy said...

My Mom had one knee replaced and stated that it would not happen again. Very wise decision. Glad you are doing well.

April said...

So glad to hear from you again!! (I'm having computer issues so this is my first comment post in ages on anyone's I hope it works!) I'm glad the surgery went well and that you're not in pain now.

We missed you terribly! Hugs to you and Tucker sends a big (and I do mean big) woof to Oliver!

Sheila said...

Glad to hear that you are back. Knee replacements are a tough surgery with a long recovery. Glad you are doing ok. I haven't been blogging as much lately. I have been reading and chatting on Ravelry. I miss my little library!