September 13, 2008

I have been having fun......

I really have been enjoying the new slide show feature that blog spot has now. I have added it to my blog and also to the blog I write for work. You need a account at one of the free online photo sites and it imports your pictures right from there like magic. It is great. I also have been looking for music for my blog again as the server I used before went off line. i have found one and will be adding it soon. The Internet is truly amazing. So many people out there doing so many different thing.

This is my newest knitting book purchase. There is a project for every month of the year. It has some great patterns and much inspiration. Oh, I just remembered that way back in January I was trying to knit a project a month to put away for Christmas gifts ( did I just mention that word??). Well, needless to say that never happened so maybe this new book will help me keep that dream alive for 2009! I will now make a pledge to myself- I WILL NOT plan on making knitted items for anyone for a Christmas gift. If by chance something works out that way-then so be it. But I will not be knitting like crazy on Christmas Eve to finish a gift for anyone.

I have taught another young girl to knit over the last two weeks and the enthusiasim of this 7 year old is contagious. She is so excited that she knits in the car and in bed with a flash light! How great is that to have so much love for knitting that you will do it under the covers by flashlight? Right now she has a most beautiful scarf in garter stitch with holes and dropped stitches and it is lovely. I love teaching young children to knit and knowing that they will have something that will give them pleasure for years. I am off to knit and then knit some more on my lace stole. Have a great weekend and see aroung the blog soon.

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