August 28, 2007

Working away.....

I finished my sock and I think it looks o.k. I always mess up the Kitchener stitch at the toe. I try so hard and blow it any way. I think I may try a toe up sock one day. I just started another sock (no, not the partner to the one I just finished!) that spirals down to the toe. It is so much fun. I found the pattern in a book call "Kids knitting". It is very clever. By simply adding one more stitch after you finish the cuff ribbing the sock spirals around and around all the way down to the toe. You can do it in many different yarns and it knits at 18 stitches to 4 inches. I am using a sport weight on size 4 needles and it will make a very warm house sock. Just what I need for cold winter nights.

Some folks asked for pictures of my new work space. I took a few and as I look at them I see that they never look as good as the whole. But I think they convey how I have everything set up. I just love my new space and look forward to spending time there everyday. I hope that they don't disappoint anyone, it is just something I set up quickly and I still share some of the space with my daughter at college. I would have felt funny clearing out all her things as she will be back in May. My computer is off to the side. I should have taken a picture of my new flat screen.

Projects I am working on are in the plastic bags. Extra yarn is stored in baskets and boxes under the desk. This is yarn I am using for works in progress. My favorite needles are on display, and all my different needles are in containers ( some with a previous existence!) Small items like buttons and tools are stored in the little draws. Yarn that I am going to swatch is waiting ready to go. All of my reference books are handy for any help or inspiration. My husband is so glad to have all that stuff out of the bedroom. So am I. I will be purchasing some extra containers and slowly move more of my daughters things into storage. I am very happy with my new space and I hope you enjoyed the tour.


BeadKnitter said...

I hate kitchener stitching my sock toes too, even though I'm perfectly good at doing it. Instead of kitchener, I turn the sock inside out and do the 3 needle bind off. I get a tiny little seam at the toe, but it doesn't bother my feet. You might want to try it.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I always enjoy seeing pics of where people knit and store their yarn.

KSee said...

what a great space. Great job on the socks and I find it interesting about the new pair you have started, one stitch makes all that difference.
Oh, I've been meaning to ask about the black & white picture you have with the balls of yarn in a nest. Where did you get that? I love it!