August 05, 2007

The next adventure.....

As promised this is what happened next on my weekend away...........

On Sunday we went with four cousins to the Saratoga Race Track. All the ladies were going outlet shopping so off I went with all the guys. It was the first Sunday opening and the Jim Dandy was being run. That is a very historic race that has been run for over 100 years at Saratoga. The winner then is eligible to run in the Breeders Cup in October. The day was a scorcher and no one told me that the race track had no air conditioning anywhere except for the boxes. Which needless to say we did not have one. Oh well, what can you do. When we got all settled I noticed that the gal next to me was knitting. I was so excited I asked her what she was making.....a sock of course! We started to chat and she was so nice (aren't all knitters!). I wished I had brought mine along. I just thought the guys would never let me hear the end of it. Managed to win two races and had great laughs all day with the boys. The track is fascinating and I kept imagining the ladies and gentlemen

of long ago gliding by in their long dresses and Top Hats. Quite a change to today's race goers!

I live very near a racetrack and we go occasionally. The Breeders Cup I mentioned before will be there in October. So I hope to go see the winner from Saratoga run. It is a big race and thousands of people come from around the world to see it. There is something about being at the track. The horses are so brilliant and shinny. They look regal and so far removed from what is going on around them. And then suddenly they are speeding around the course and all eyes are on them. They are truly magnificent creatures.

My next adventure took place on the way home Monday and I will post that soon. We made a great side trip to The Green Mountain Spinnery. We took pictures and I bought yarn of course! Keep Knittin' Kittens.

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Sonya said...

The races are very exciting. I have been to a few over at Churchhill Downs (home of the KY Derby)