June 07, 2007

No pictures.....again

Well, I haven't been writing because I have not been feeling very well. Waiting for test results and then a procedure on Monday. I feel like everything is on hold. Why does everything take so long when you are sick. Test results take weeks and you can never get your doctor to call back! I am trying to keep up my spirits up and keep doing the usual stuff. The doctor says not to worry but I am the worrying kind. So I try to keep my mind busy. Watching a lot of movies and not knitting too much. I am pleased with myself though because I mastered the lace pattern. It is simple but very attractive. Picture to come soon of the little dress I am making. I want to have enough done so that it looks like something.

Also I am just realizing how lonely it will be in September when my last little fledgling goes off to college. The house will be so quiet and my one daughter suggests I find something to go to at night. I will think about it. Maybe join a book group or take a class. I feel like my usefulness is over and now I am just along for the ride. Hmmmm I must stop feeling sorry for myself. Look on the positive side, I am sure once I feel better I will not be so down. Well, enough complaining for now.... P.S. thought the hunky picture of Colin would be a nice change!


Amanda1 said...

I'm sorry you're having some health issues. I'm assuming that the tests are so the docs can figure out what's wrong?

Please keep us posted. Nobody knows more than me how awful it can be to wait for results, etc.

Cactusneedles said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Your kids are going to college, my little one starts kindergarten in the fall and both will be in school full time -- what am I going to do? Knit more? probably! clean the house? probably not! Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. :)

Megan said...

Mama, you are not useless!! Don't be silly. We all love you bundles and bundles and would not know what to do without you.

Dianne said...

Oooohhhh another picture of Colin. Be still my heart! I'm really enjoying your blog. Hope you are feeling better.