May 09, 2007

Little things in life.......

This has been such an unpleasant two weeks but I think for now the tide has turned. I will keep positive thoughts and remember how much I love my job. I will do what a "blog" friend suggested and "knit up my cares". Having said that I am excited to show you a passion of mine; I like to knit small items. Not miniature mind you, but smallish items knitted on size 1 or 2 needles. I started loving to make baby items and then did teddy bear sweaters. Now I make them smaller and use them as Christmas Tree ornaments and give as gifts. I think they are adorable and they look ever so nice on the tree with all the lights and the smell of pine. Mmmmm....just thinking about Christmas makes me smile. Back to the little items. I really enjoy using up left over yarn and people I give them to seem pleased. Each year I make about 3 dozen and give them as gifts in sets of three or tie them to packages individually. I always get a head start and make one or two a month. P.S. That brown spot to the left is my puppie's paw. He always helps with the pictures!

Now the little socks are for a baby. I use left over sock yarn and a great pattern that I mentioned before. They come out very nicely and they don't get kicked off by the little recipients. What a great gift and they take no time at all to do. Maybe two evenings of two hours each night. I experimented with different patterns on the top and add some stocking stitch or take the pattern to the heel flap. They are good looking in solids too.

My book group has started reading "Washington Square" by Henry James. The book gets off to a slow start but the language and descriptions are very pleasing. The protagonist is a youngish spinster living at home with a father that doesn't value her and resents the fact that his wife died giving birth to her. He feels that her got the raw end of that deal. A movie was done in the late 1940's with Olivia de Haviland in the lead and just recently with Jennifer Jason Leigh as Catherine Sloper the heroine. This book explores father daughter relations and true love vs. love of money. It also has some very feminist thinking on the part of Catherine. I am looking forward to the meeting. Well I guess that is all for now.....have a great rest of the week.


outdoorknitter said...

Love your little sweaters!

And I know what you mean about using up the left over yarn, I think that is when creativity really sets in.

I'll have to keep an eye on your blog, reading and knitting are my two fav's, I've already made a note to check out "Founding Mothers", hubby's a war buff.
Enjoy your knitting!

Amanda1 said...

I like your mini-items a lot... and Christmas makes me smile, too. Its my favorite holiday because the season for it is so long.

Megan said...

Hi mama, Those are adorable. You know all of my friends just love your ornaments. So, I'm sure you'll have another order this season.

Love you lots and lots.

Cactusneedles said...

Love the little sweaters and the little socks. Great idea!!